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Nonna’s Pantry – Where simple ingredients are transformed, and cooked, into beautiful mouth watering dishes. Inspired and ‘Cooked from the Heart’.

As long as i could remember I had a love & passion for cooking. I loved being along side my Mother Angela in the kitchen. She was a fantastic cook and I learned from the best. She would allow me to get lost in my thoughts and creativity and I watched her as she passionately, and lovingly cooked fro her family and friends.

A lot of the dishes I present to you today were born in my Mother’s kitchen and heart. Good, wholesome country cooking at its best.

Come on the journey with me and let me unravel your taste buds and bring you in the exotic world of Nonna’s Pantry.

Being brought up in an Italian household where family, friends and the love for good food were the centre of my life, I have to passed this legacy onto my own children when we all get together at Nonna’s table. It becomes a celebration even to Zachary, our youngest member to our family, my adorable loving little grandson (2 1/2 years old) who already has acquainted the taste of good wholesome Nonna’s Pantry flavours. He devours all that is put in front of him with every enjoyable mouth full.

Tutti a tavola e buon appetito!


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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes range from pasta making, to desserts, to even making your own homemade sausages. Choose from the range of different cooking classes below, and click for more information.  

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